About Me

Hi! I’m Ahmad Saghafi.

I’m the founder and CEO of FPGATEK and the creator and instructor of two popular FPGA courses: “FPGA Design Blueprint” and “Signal Processing with FPGA.” On this site, I share everything I’ve learned about digital design with FPGA, all based on my hands-on experience from working on tons of industrial projects over the past 15 years.

Why Choose FPGATEK’s Website for FPGA Learning?

You might be wondering, “With countless websites out there claiming to teach FPGA, what sets FPGATEK apart from the rest?”

It’s a valid question when discovering a new educational platform.

The key difference lies in the practical experience behind our content. Our tutorials are not just based on a few books or similar courses; they are crafted from over 15 years of my hands-on experience in delivering dozens of successful industrial projects.

This wealth of knowledge is hard to obtain from standard specialized books or other resources in this field.

By choosing FPGATEK, you can confidently dive into our tutorials, knowing they are rooted in real-world applications.

Testimonials from Our Previous Course Participants

To date, we have proudly served over 1,000 students through our specialized in-person and online courses. Here’s what some of our participants have to say about their experiences...


So, my major is teaching electronics. Whenever I take a course, what really matters to me is that I can pass this stuff on to my students one day. Now, with this course and Mr. Saghafi, I gotta say his teaching was just amazing. Sharing knowledge and focusing on teaching and education is super important. Long story short, Mr. Saghafi didn’t just teach me FPGA stuff, but he also showed me what it takes to be an awesome teacher!

Morteza Hosseini

I'm really glad I took the FPGA Design Blueprint course. The instructor is amazing. I could listen to him for hours and not get tired. He broke down complex concepts into easy-to-understand pieces, and taught in a way that made me excited about the subject. Even though I've worked in the analog field for years and knew a bit about digital, this course gave me the confidence to step up in professional settings.

Saeed Gholami

Is This Website Right for You?

If you’re browsing our website, chances are you fit into one of the following categories:

  • You’re a student looking for additional information to complete your academic projects;
  • You’re planning to pursue further education in this field and want to broaden your knowledge;
  • You’ve recently graduated and are looking for a skill that can help you secure a suitable job and thrive in a professional setting;
  • You’re currently employed but want to elevate your career and income by enhancing your technical knowledge and skills.

These scenarios aren’t just hypothetical – people who engage with FPGATEK’s tutorials, both free and specialized courses, typically fit into one of these categories.

We’re proud to say that many of our students have achieved their goals for further education or securing suitable jobs with the help of our tutorials.

So, if you identify with at least one of the above categories, exploring our website is likely to be a valuable experience for you.


Honestly, the class I took with you was super helpful, and I was excited to go to every session. You shared stuff from your own work experience, which made it feel real, and you just knew how to explain the ideas to us. I’m glad you focused on just the right amount of theory without getting into stuff that wasn’t practical. As a PhD student, I think most of us can find more resources if we need extra theory. But what really mattered, and you totally got it, was understanding those practical concepts that weren’t too hard and helped us find our way in the field.

Moslem Alidoosti

What really stood out for me in this course was how passionate the instructor was about the subject. You could feel his excitement as he shared everything he knew with us. Everything was organized really well, and he went through every topic thoroughly. Since I had some background knowledge from university, everything in the course was super helpful and exactly what I needed. A big thank you for all the hard work.

Amir Rezaeyeh

Available Tutorials on FPGATEK

Our website offers a variety of tutorials, broadly divided into two categories:

1- Free Tutorials

The cornerstone and most popular section of FPGATEK is our collection of free tutorials. Here, you’ll find dozens of high-quality articles and video lessons focused on implementing digital systems using FPGA technology. Key topics covered in our free tutorials include:

  • VHDL language
  • FPGA internal resources
  • ISE Design Suite
  • Vivado Software
  • Signal processing with FPGA
  • FPGA interface

2- Specialized Tutorials

If you’re serious about excelling in the field of FPGA-based digital system implementation, whether it’s to secure a job or pursue further education, our specialized courses at FPGATEK may be your best choice.

At present, we offer two primary online courses:

FPGATEK Specialized Courses

We currently offer two main online courses. By enrolling in either of these courses, you’ll not only receive the core training but also gain access to several additional online courses provided as a bonus.

Signal Processing With FPGA

In this captivating and highly practical course, you’ll dive into the world of implementing signal processing algorithms using FPGA.

A basic familiarity with VHDL and FPGA is the only prerequisite for this course, with no prior knowledge of signal processing algorithms necessary.

Weak Start: My Story

Back in 2008, when I embarked on my digital design career, I didn’t have a clue about designing and implementing digital circuits using FPGA.

Sure, I knew VHDL and had worked on a few FPGA modules, but collaborating with a professional team and meeting their project requirements was a whole new ballgame.

There was no space for trial and error in that environment, so I had to find a systematic way to implement FPGA modules. In short, I needed a proven system that allowed me to implement any digital circuit with FPGA quickly.

My Unique Implementation System

Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for practical techniques and methods to design and implement circuits professionally using FPGA technology.

But most books and online resources only provide impractical recommendations, which often lead to dead-end processes.

Most people resort to trial and error exactly because of this non-professional advice, and the truth is you can’t rely on trial and error in a professional environment.

My pursuit of FPGA knowledge led to the creation of a system that has helped hundreds of my colleagues and students successfully manage and implement a wide range of commercial and industrial projects.

Sharing My System with the World

In 2015, I decided to share my system with anyone in need of a reliable FPGA design and implementation approach.

I began teaching my methods in various classes, and the response was phenomenal.

The success stories of my students, which you can find on my website, inspired me to establish FPGATEK—a platform to share the methods and techniques I’ve honed over the past 15 years.

My Mission

As an FPGA trainer, my goal is to inspire digital design enthusiasts by offering unique, practical materials and helping you pursue your dreams, be it in academia or the industry.

I chose this path for two reasons: firstly, there’s a massive demand for experts in this field, and secondly, teaching has been my passion since childhood. What better way to share the hard-earned skills I’ve developed with eager learners like you?

There’s a wealth of fantastic content on this website, and I hope you enjoy exploring these materials as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them for you.

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